Biogas or Producer Gas Engine

With a low pressure direct induction fuel system

   In the animation above:

         Light blue = air intake (at 1 atm)
         Royal blue  = biogas or producer gas  (storage pressure  ~ 4 - 10 atm)

       Using an induction system similar to the Dual Pressure Intake Engine but with the fuel and air in separate intake runners, one can nearly double the volumetric efficiency of a regular Biogas Gas Engine without using a supercharger or turbocharger.  This would be accomplished by first filling the cylinder with ambient pressure air and then allowing the biogas or producer gas to "top off" the cylinder to a pressure of about 2 atm.  Increasing volumetric efficiency of an engine by taking advantage of the pressurized fuel is important since both biogas and producer gas have a low heat content compared to natural gas for example.
       Also, the kinetic energy of the fuel/air mix will be high due to the large pressure differential between the induced air (~ 1 atm) and the fuel's storage pressure (4-10 atm). This should help the charge burn quicker and more efficiently.
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