Proposed 'Dual Pressure Intake Compressor' Used In a Multi-stage System

That Makes Use Of the
Double Acting Uniport Valve
(Patent #5,782,215)
Animation of Dual Pressure Intake Compressor

In a multi-stage system the compressor to the left can be used. In this compressor the Uniport Valve is used which allows a more complex induction system which can reduce the size of compressors that would be needed to compress a given amount of gas. This may be valuable in mobile applications where weight is a concern.

If the animation is not self explanatory hopefully the following will help do so. First the cylinder can be emptied of the compressed gas through the Uniport Valve. Next the cylinder can be prefilled with a low pressure gas through the same port as the gas was just discharged once the red cylindrical part in the Uniport Valve is lifted from its seat. Then through a conventional valve a higher pressure gas can top-off the cylinder, after which the compression cycle begins.

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